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357magnum| Why is It a Popular Choice Till Now?

357 magnum is the most powerful and commercially available cartridge launched in 1934. It has quickly gained popularity among militants, revolver enthusiasts, and the law enforcement sector. If you are looking for the best all-around revolver, it is the most potent one. Let's check why it is so in demand till days.

5 Reasons to Choose 357 magnum

1. Accuracy

Ammo availability is linked to gun selection. The 357 Magnum cartridge is still one of the world's top five most popular handgun cartridges. It's available at any ammunition dealer, no matter how far away it is.

Everything is accessible, from lessened recoil load to highest speed bear loads, etc. Plus, you'd have a backup plan in case you really cannot find any 357 rounds. Until magnums become obtainable, you still may find them special and utilize them in your pistol.


Although modern produced ballistics are slightly lighter than the original, the 357 still functions admirably. This converts to power in the low to mid-500 foot-pound range. For comparison, standard pressure is used. The 38 Specials typically generate 200 ft-lbs of thrust. The much-heralded 45 ACP and the popular 9mm Luger yield 350 to 400 ft-lbs in ordinary pressure loads. The terminal velocity of the 44 Remington Magnum is 750–800 ft-lbs. However, the 357 has enough ability to take down small and medium-sized animals, but never enough to deter two-legged predators.


Despite the energy generated on target, the 357 may be regulated when shot from a duty-sized, medium, and large framed revolver. While the 357's recoil makes the precise rapid-fire more difficult than a 9mm or 38 Special, the massive damage it can inflict with a well-placed initial shot may remove the need for further rounds.

4. Cartridge interchange – 357 magnum

Like the 44 and 327 magnums, the 357 Magnum comprises a shorter parent cartridge that will fit in magnum-sized weapons. These rifles have a wide range of ammunition alternatives. You now have a weapon that is easy to use, won't break your wrist, and stays its muzzle on target during rapid fire.


Ammunition availability is linked to gun choosing. The 357 Magnum is one of the world'stop five handgun ammo. It can be obtained at any ammunition shop at an affordable price. There are several variations available, ranging from low recoil loads to high-pressure bear loads and everything in between.

History of 357 Magnum

The 357 Magnum was developed from the 38 Special round and became the first "magnum" cartridge to be designed. While the two versions are identical in terms of dimensions, they varied in other dimensions. Because the 357 Magnum cartridge is longer than the 38 Special round, it cannot be loaded into revolvers with weak cylinders. The very first cartridge featured a 158-grain bullet and was fired at nearly 1,500 fps from a larger N-frame revolver with just an 8 3/8-inch barrel.

For years, the 357 Magnum was the most potent widely viable round, making it one of the most durable handgun of different calibers of the past century. Leading firearm authorities created the cartridge, and it immediately became the round of choice for pistol enthusiasts, police enforcement, and the army.


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